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After searching for and trialing many restaurant reservation systems, I found that these systems were too expensive (with commission and booking fees), complicated, and generally tried (and failed) to do too much, were geared to the top end of town and resulted in staff needing to be constantly adjusting the diary during service. They just didn’t do what I needed them to do.

The Parable is full featured, easy to use and affordable

So I created The Parable a truly mobile, full featured, easy to use, flexible and affordable system which handles a fast paced restaurant’s needs, at a low set monthly fee with no booking or commission fees.


Why Choose

The Parable?

If your restaurant is like ours, fast paced, receives reservations by phone, email, website, social and face to face, allows walk-ins, holds functions, deals with weather, cancellations, no shows, increases to party sizes and decreases to party sizes, then The Parable App is for you. All these varying elements translates to tables and floorplans being adjusted on the fly. Sounds familiar, right?


Look After Your Business

& Your Business Will Look After You

The Parable is NOT a third party system built to claim that it has thousands of members which may use your restaurant, it WAS built to manage the thousands of customers that actually use your restaurant as a result of your hard work and the reputation that you build.




Steve Houvardas

The Parable Founder

Hospitality has been in the family for 3 generations. I started off waitering at my parents function centre when I was just 11.5 years old, now in my 40s, you can say that I have definitely grown up in the industry. Since then I have co-owned establishments ranging from function centres, cafes, fine dining restaurants and your everyday local.

I know first hand what it is like to manage and own a busy café, restaurant and function centre. I have seen first hand how technology within hospitality can increase profits, vastly reduce costs, improve customer service and give you the owner and or manager better control over your business.

I love using old school service and techniques and then improving efficiency through technology which happens to be my second passion. It turns out technology and hospitality is great in a partnership, and I am always looking at ways to improve and stay ahead of my competitors.

So whatever you call your diary, whether its a reservation book or a table diary, I know that I call mine The Parable because it just knows my business.



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