The main concern around moving from a paper back diary or changing booking systems is ease of use, hardware requirements and of course support.

The Parable is built for the iPad|iPhone|Macbook (with M1 chip)

With just an iPad or iPhone The Parable will empower your business with a full featured reservation system. Have your bookings synced, added and changed on multiple devices simultaneously whether you are at work, at home or anywhere you can always have your finger on the pulse.

Simple User Interface

Our user interface is straight forward and uncomplicated. As a result staff training to use the system is almost unnecessary, set up is simple and most importantly adding, changing and viewing bookings is super fast and clear.

Full Support

Need support, no problem. Support is free and available 7 days a week. Phone and email support contact details are sent to you upon subscription.


Key Features of The Parable

System works completely offline, and backs up to The Parable server when an internet connection is available, so your reservations are not only always accessible, but also secure.

• Your customer’s details, preferences and attendance history are all stored, allowing you to better serve your clientele.

• The Parable is designed to replace a paperback diary. Our daily notes and reminder feature allows you to type messages as you would write them in your paperback, ie call John regarding menu on the 25th October.



• We understand that all café and restaurants are different. You may have many small tables which are moved around or joined together to suit your reservations, others may have a set table layout and others may have function areas. The Parable easily handles all table management scenarios.

• We also know that different reservations require different levels of information, our reservation system allows you to add attachments (add photos of a table setup or attach a document with a running sheet), and even place a booking as a tentative.

Daily bookings can be sorted by time, name, table area/ table number and group size. This feature assists you to seat your guests and setup your tables. Should you choose to print your guestlist, AirPrint is enabled.


Provide Better Service

By Managing Your Peak

Service Times



Waitlist feature is enabled, so even if you have a full house, you can still turnover tables.

• The Parable can receive bookings online and confirm reservations manually and automatically by way of email and sms.

• The Parable has subscription options (no contracts) which are scalable to the size of your business so even if you are just starting out you still have access to all that the Parable has to offer. The first month is free of charge.

The Parable for iPhone is just as easy to use and has all the same features as the iPad version ->


Suitable For





Function Centres

Pop up Seasonal Venues


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